Things I'd like to see built into Stencyl in 2017


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2 features that I personally feel would add a lot to stencyl are,

Camera Zoom
Pitch control for sound

Camera zoom would open up a lot of opportunities for interesting concepts. I have a custom version that I am using in a current project and its an awesome feature to have.

When using Unity I almost always add a little bit of random pitch range to sound effects. Its nice to add a little bit of variety to sounds, especially ones that are repeated such as explosions or a ball bouncing etc.

I know they are both possible in stencyl so it would be nice to see them built into the engine.


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+1 for the pitch control.
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+1 for camera zoom
+8 for pitch control

Though pitch control isn't in the latest OpenFL iirc


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+1 for Camera Zoom & Pitch control for sound
+ Justin, start working on this  :D


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Pitch control would be nice, but camera zoom especially. I can't believe Stencyl doesn't have this yet. You say you have a working version - have you shared this method anywhere? I've been on the lookout for a solid zooming method but haven't found anything.

What I would like to see from Stencyl in 2017 is for a lot of the basic features found in extensions to finally be built in. For example, the functions in the easy math extension, joints, raycasting, scaling blocks, and basic positioning blocks (being able to center an actor at a point without subtracting half-widths and all that nonsense). Oh, and labels. I wouldn't consider it extended functionality to be able to fade/tween text. It's used all the time, so it should be built in. I mean, how hard can it be to add these into the engine?


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+1 for Zoom and Pitch, those seem very useful.

My own (biased towards iOS) list:

- iCloud support (for restoring save files and syncing progress between devices)
- device auto rotation (on-the-fly switching between portrait and landscape)
- 3D Touch support (or force touch or whatever they're calling it)

Mobile game dev is an area where Stencyl is really strong and I think that giving users as many features as possible would do a lot for Stencyl's position as a game making tool.


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+1 to camera zoom
+1  autorotation

my wishlist :) :
- stages/cameras that are rotable and zoomable... this would allow for cool effects and easy portrait/landscape adaptations
- particles manager, we can simulate particles in many ways, but something optimized and out the box could come handy
- more drawing options, 4-corner solution to create UI pop ups,
- stoppable tweens (slide to, fade , grow)
- skeletal animation support
- mobile shaders and layer effects


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+1 for Camera Zoom.
+1 for Pitch control for sound.

I am still waiting for this important feature in Stencyl:
I'm currently working in this area. I can't say for sure when it'll be available (probably 3.3 or 3.4), but I'm definitely going to be including a local attributes feature.
As I said, a local attributes feature is really necessary to perform a better modular coding and a more reliable data encapsulation.
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What about a "simulate" button for testing. If there a way to quickly compile in order to see how the game feels instead of having to go through every it usually does (for flash, mobile, and/or desktop).


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+1 simulate
like a dumbed down version of graphics.. or something that would let us see the results faster.  using eclipse or android studio and compiling an apk file and it being sent to the phone takes maybe 20 seconds for me.. stencyl just to see the game in flash takes way longer than that.
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+1 Easier Particles


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Some sort of light & shadow system please :)


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Some sort of light & shadow system please :)

My whislist:
+1 Some sort of light & shadow
+1 3D touch
 +++++++++ 1 Camera zoom


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I see it has only been mentioned once but i think it would give much tighter and cleaner coding - local variables / attributes.

Could 'hidden attributes' in behaviors be treated as local to the behavior - that would be great.




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+500 performance - to better use what already exists, and being able to make games more robust and not just casual and prototypes.

For this: End of the cross-platform paradigm.
One Stencyl version only Web/HTML5,
another version only Desktop,
another version only Mobile.

Stencyl could be just a visual editor for any framework:Haxe/OpenFL, Cocos-2d, Love, Pixi.js, SDL, XNA, etc.

Because the exact same game never worked on different platforms. And nobody uses not even need it. And "Excellence requires focus".

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Because the exact same game never worked on different platforms. And nobody uses not even need it. And "Excellence requires focus".

Umm... I am constantly publishing the same game to web, desktop and mobile. Please do not do this suggestion.