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Hi :)
I am new here ,still fascinated how fun is to learn with Stencyl.
I want to start a journal,share my progress and kindly ask you guys for any opinions you can give,it would help me a lot

mobile___pseudo-endless runner___ragdoll___pixel gore

This might be a small one-touch control toy/game for mobile,it is pretty weird and ridiculous pseudo-endless runner.
Taken the idea from the ragdoll demo,you control the legs of a Baba Yaga´s hut on chicken legs,switching which one is rising or pushing to the ground.

now finishing simple Unlock/Level system based on max distance reached and kills(perk/unlocks suggestions needed :)
soon will be adding actual ending and new game+(the twist is that its not really infinite,there is end to reach)

Too bad the flash version is unplayable:(
So now I am searching my pockets for any spare change to upgrade to Stencyl Pro and to finish the android version to be released and in the meantime wanted to ask you here if anyone can help me out a little by giving directions and suggestions how to proceed from here
Also,if anyone likes the idea(that would be something) and is willing to join me in making it a real thing,helping with graphics,polish,etc.,let me know and we can make it together.Up until now,the reason in making this was pure fun and learning,but maybe it can grow into something,as I observed my friends to get addicted to it instantly :D(felt like a drug dealer)
What do You think,is worth it?


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will try to provide better preview as soon as possible,this is captured on android using screen recorder and gif converter,so sorry for the quality and lag.


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Looks very nice! Why don't you enter the Stencyl game jam that is currently going on? I think they don't mind you did some work on this game before. Who knows, you might win a Stencyl Studio license  :)


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thank You  so much,i would love to enter the jam,but the game is unplayable in flash,it is extremely laggy:( and i dont want to present that to anyone,I am trying to solve it somehow,but i have no clue as i am testing on windows and android all the time.Once again,thank You so much for the suggestion,it motivates me greatly:)

update : new backgrounds and characters;) ,tested on more phones,will do my best to release by the end of year

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This looks awesome in a disturbing kind of way. Is it possible to fall over, or how do you lose?


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Hi:) ,thanks,the weird and disturbing feel is exactly my aim:D
Thats right,game is over once you fall.
The hut is ragdoll,once started,one leg is rising while the other is pushing to ground.By tapping the screen,you change which leg is rising.
So you are trying to balance the head while rhytmicaly putting one leg in front of the other.
It is pretty hilarious :)  and very hard.
Also the switch of legs can happen anytime and in short bursts,so there is no right way to make it walk,you can make long steps or short steps or moonwalk through the scene once you find the right rhytm

niniupdate: got a new job today,so celebrating with particle fireworks:D,how much bouncing particles is enough?expect "bloody mess" unlockable

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some new screens
the main thing is nearly ready,so i began with tweaking,optimalization and cleaning up
still missing:  graphics on the bottom of the ground
                             ending sequence(nobody will probably ever see it,i finished the game once in all the testing playruns,which were          plenty,but i am still not happy with what i can make for the ending now,it have to be more suprising and weird,working on it)
                             at least one unlock(gameplay changing one,any new unlocks from that will probably be just cosmetic)
                             different player character unlock after finishing game(new game+ ,nearly ready,but it is tied to the ending,so will have to keep this open until the ending is definitely decided)
Then comes the scary part,release it out there somehow


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Merry christmas !
Wish all the Stencyl comunity the best and a great happy new year!

Made myself a present and the Alpha version of Dancing Hut is rolling out to Google Play,yaaay.
Decided for testing this way,as i have no experience in publishing apps and i thought this might be a good lesson.
As I had only few opportunities to test this on a broader range of devices ,it would make me really happy if anyone
is willing to test this,suggest anything or just to see how my first atempt after learning Stencyl looks like now.


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First attempt is alive:)
Check it out on Google play in early access(link in first post) and post your records! :) :)

I will be tweaking now and push it to get to release version very soon:D

This is such an experience,Stencyl inspired me to finally start making something of my own.
Wish You all a happy new year!


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Great news! This stencyl prototype got somehow nominated for IMGA  !

Vote for me please:)

soon there will be new graphics from a great pixel artist
and im going to work like crazy now to get it as good as possible.
Please support with suggestions:)