[PAID] Looking for a concept/character artist


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Reference images are attached to this post. I'm looking for someone to create one or two concept pieces for a character/setting. I'm looking for something with 70s blaxploitation flavor: big, square cars, hip-hugger jeans, afros, guns etc. The style I want is either realistic, or semi-realistic cartoon. Think something along the lines of Archer. I'm also going to attach a picture that's full-on cartoon, but would work fine for this commission.

I'm not terribly picky about the medium you work in, but I don't want any 3d renders that have that plastic 3d render appearance I don't like that flat, smooth look. I also do not want that oil-painting fantasy-game look, unless you do something really amazing with it. I need something at a high enough DPI to be printed at a reasonable size. I prefer something in a digital format that I can work with, but that's not an absolute requirement.

I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest option. I want someone who will work with me, and who can deliver the look and feel I'm aiming for. Style > price > medium.

Don't be upset if you reply and don't hear back from me. I am posting this to numerous places, and I am going to respond preferentially to artists who can show work that fits the style and/or subject matter of this commission. Having said that, please post your portfolio links, example pieces, and/or rates. You can send me private messages if you prefer.