Just a friendly reminder...


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...press CTRL+S every minute :)
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well that too, but backups of hd :)

11 month old ssd drive just died :/


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I had my previous SSDs for at least 4 years with no problems. I recently updated both to larger capacities, and it was only then, reading SSD reviews, that I realized how often they fail. Now I have weekly backups of all the important stuff from both my SSDs.

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Same here, never had any problem with SSD dying on me.
I have 2 of them, Corsair & Kingston.
Still going strong since 2011.
I check their health using DiskInfo.exe every now and then.
Corsair showing 97%, while Kingston 100% health.


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I keep pressing CTRL+S very very often. Additional to saving, every couple of hours I export a Stencyl file to Dropbox. I might be too cautious  :D