Stencyl expert Dev needed


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Hey guys.

So I am  a Game Designer by profession. You can see my profile here.

I am thinking on making a few small scale apps.
I do not have enough time on my hand to handle the development, so I am looking for a skillful Dev to take up the project as a programmer.
I am making a decision of the tool to use. Stencyl is one option I want to try because of my familiarity with the engine.
I would like some Stencyl experts to please tell me their hourly rates and availability, starting mid February when the development is likely to start.
If this works out, I will be paying upfront on an hourly basis. We can do bi weekly or weekly payments, however you like.
The apps will be pretty small, there aren't any investors. I tried making something in the past in collab, but since I had limited time to code, and there was money involved, it didn't work out. This time I will be paying from my side, and you get credits.
Kind Regards.
Note: Please PM me.

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