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Hey there everyone! I figured i would join the group and post about my game concepts and update how they unravel through the website. I'd love to hear people feed back, and possibly idea's.

So to jump right in.


I want Terraform to be a Clicker based game, that steps more into the side of strategy. Where as most clicker games have one goal; Click and earn money. My game stems more into having multiple goals. 
In Terraform you start out on earth, with; $0, 1 Worker, and 1 Civilian. As you click to earn resources, you can chose to sell them, or build for your civilization. As your progress through the game you will be able to research, and eventually build rockets. Which after a short time, will take you to other planets, which, depending on which one you go to will give you bonuses.

My main goal with this game, is to give it more of a sense of commitment, than just getting it started and then having it run on auto pilot in the background. Though since it is just a clicker game, there is only so much you can do.

Currently unnamed -

Is a resource based TCG. I'm a huge fan of just about every TCG out there. But, like most people i have my own pro's and cons to each one. So i plan to make a TCG, that fits perfect to the way i like to play them. I'll be honest, im a huge MTG Fan, and when i was trying to set the rules for my game it was very hard to not mimic alot of MTG's as, in my opinion its the most evolved and indepth. Though i think i found my rule set to venture far enough away from it, that it feels like my own.

The goal with this TCG, is to make a fast paced game play. Available on both PC/Mobile... with the game changing based on the platform. The goal, is on PC To have the average game be about 10-15 minutes, where on mobile it will last 5-10... While still being the same game.

My basic thought process behind this, is;
To have 4 Basic resources (Similar to MTG).
To have a hero power (Similar to MTG).
To have card limits (Similar to Yu-gi-oh).

Now, i know just reading that is sounds alot like just a rip off, off those 3 games. However, where mine differs is in the Hero itself. Your hero changes in the duel, based on our play style. The hero that you currently have is based on the color that you have the most of on the field. So on turn 1, you could set a "Red" card, and have the red hero. But by turn 3, you could have 1 red, 2 green, meaning that you will have the Green hero. That way, the way you play out the match, is determined greatly by the card color you play. Not just the cards.

My major, issue i have with making this game is that... Its a lot of work to do by myself, between the coding, and the art. This is the game i probably look forward to the most. But i have alot of learning to do, before i'm able to do the coding that would be required for this game.

Currently Unnamed

I want to make a hack and slash style game. One with customization to the characters, talent trees and multiple spells. I would love to see an extremely competitive leader board on this game, with up to date graphics, or at least eye appealing. This is the game i have given the least amount of though to, as its the third one i plan to make. But, its something i will deffinatly be thinking on, in the next few weeks.

Timeline Goals
January 2017 - Terraform mathematics, and layout set in stone
February 2017 - Terraform coding started, and put into beta via Stencyl.
March 2017 - Terraform released to Beta on Mobile / Green light on Steam.
April 2017 - Hopefully by this point Terraform will be ready to completely uploaded.
May 2017 - Begin mathematics/balancing/mapping for the TCG.
June 2017 - Begin coding and Hire and artist for TCG
July 2017 - Release a early Alpha via Stencyl for TCG. Post to Greenlight on Steam, as an Alpha game.
August 2017 - Continue working hard to bring TCG to its beta form, with over 1000 playable, balanced cards.
September 2017 - Release the hopefully ready Beta Form.
October 2017 - Start work on the hack and slash.

Of course all of these dates, are determined on work. I would love to have this time line go as planned, but i have to be honest in knowing that games are not something made over night, especially the ones i have set my mind to, with literally no coding experience.

Please feel free to leave me any feedback you may have! :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this over! :)


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My first impression looking at your timeline is that you're not leaving enough time for UI, monetization, API integration, and other "odds and ends". Since you said you have no coding experience, you may want to give yourself more time to work them out.

Terraform sounds pretty neat. I had a similar idea for an idle/clicker game with a bit more strategy, involving harvesting resources, but hadn't gotten around to doing anything with it. I'm interested in seeing how yours develops.

I'm not a Steam expert, but I do browse through Greenlight every so often. I haven't run across one of these types of games that did well... it may not have enough depth to it. But they do seem to be very popular on Kongregate, so web may be the better avenue for this project.

Take a look at Daring Adventure by Ceosol sometime. It's a card game developed with Stencyl.


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I didn't read through everything, but awesome starting up a dev log. I love reading these things :)

On merrak's point, the common thing with programming is doubling whatever timeline you expect.


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Gona keep this one short, I'll give a more detailed reply when I get home from the hospital. (Have a bad case of the flu). I know that I'm probably going to need alot more time, and I'm sure I haven't thought everything through, was just more of "Getting my thoughts together" :)


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Read through, Sounds pretty cool. I also agree with what the gentlemen said about needing more time. Looking forward to following.