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Stencyl Appstore Takeover


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Its a great week on the App Store for stencyl games.

On the front page we have a huge banner and 2 icon features for Heart Start, then Narcissus and Orbit's Way also in the New Games we Love section.

Then in the games page Magic Mansion and Dunkers both have features.

Great work stencylers!


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Congratulations, stencylers! Long live Stenctyl!
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Awesome! wtg people :)


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Great success for Stencyl :) Hope we can increase that number next weeks.


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That's pretty mental guys. Great job!


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Absolutely fantastic. Great news for the Stencyl community. Congratulations to the developers!


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Congratulations guys! Stencyl rocks!


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Amazing! Great work all of you! Here's to Stencyl! :D
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Great, hoping to see more and more there


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