Colour swap pop for android


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i invite you to try my new game on the play store its simple to play and quite fun even if i do say so myself
please give feedback here or on the play store thanks in advance


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Nice graphics.
Well done on the menu and GUI in general.

Needs a kind of introduction. Like tutorial. How to swap.
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thanx the tutorial is on the play store its pretty simple to play so i didn't think it would need one ill put one in soon


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I agree, some simple tutorial is needed. Just something simple telling people to swipe left/right. It would also be nice if the colours cycled.
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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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The colours did cycle but I changed it as it takes away the aspect of remembering which way to swipe and I didn't like the feel of it I think it gives a greater sense of urgency when you accidently swipe the wrong way and you have to  go back the other way .


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I have done some updating to the app which now has a tutorial along with changeable themes which u can unlock by earning coins for playing :D