My first game: GemRunner [iOS]


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Proud to announce my first game for iOS.

GemRunner: A retro inspired platformer.


* One button control - tap to jump!

* Collect 5 types of precious gems: Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and Quartz.

* Navigate your way through 25 levels of colourful cartoon mayhem.

* Four different scenes: City rooftops, Countryside, Mountains and Castle.

* Evade devious enemies out to stop you including:  mutant seagulls, bats, police dogs, yetis and knights of the red, blue, green and black order.

* Beware the Ice King of Castle Blackstar!  Avoid his deadly sub-zero snow balls to steal the legendary giant diamond and complete your quest!

* 7 Achievements and Hi-score

GemRunner is available both as a free app (contains adverts):

And a paid version (no adverts and additional levels):

Any feedback or comments greatly appreciated!

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Hey, well done for releasing a game! I gave the game a little play, what sort of feedback are you looking for?