Looking for Help. Possibly Paid Work. ( Partnership Lots of work)


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Ok so Im looking for a few scripts. for a game I have a Idea for.

Sprite Battle System Based off of Stats and Attacks. But the Player Sprite can not enter the battle. Think of a Companion Battle system.
I am also Looking for a Script for a Group System like a follow or party deal. This will tie into the battle script. My vision is Player is wandering around a dungeon looking for collectables and gets attacked by a Monster. Party member except the player enters the battle.  Main use would be for a Arena  type event.

The next script would be for Food Water Affection ect. Such as Caring for Party member at designated area.

Save System??

There could be more such as Shops and different things. This game I have had rolling around in my head for a while. I want to bring back the companion style games to the PC.  I had a half way done prototype on RPG maker and got aggravated with restrictive Build of the engine and moved here. What are my plans for the game well I'm not sure yet Ill prob put the early build out as FreeWare on a Flash Site and continue to work on it gain a player base.  When I feel it has came along far enough ill head to steam with it or a fundraiser site. What dose that mean for you getting paid. It depends on how you would like to do it if you would just like to get paid and go on to other projects or would you like to stay and develop something that could take off and make a decent amount. That is completely up to you. that being said Id like to learn this side of Developing so id prefer someone willing to explain how they made the script or show me how to do it.   

What is the story behind the game.  Basicly it is a Train/care for Sprite type of game. You will also be able to Fight them to earn a income and respect. They will also Die in battle or through other causes. Such as a sprite can only be revived 10 times intill it can no longer be risen from the dead after a battle. then the player will have to go to a NPC shop and by eggs and hatch them to get a new party. which will start the circle all over again. There will be a story I haven't came up with one yet.

All of that being said I am more looking for a partnership and someone to help the project along but will settle for paying someone for there help. I hope to speak with you soon.


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I would be up for this, but I currently have too many unpaid projects to commit to another. Good luck!