It appears to me "Unexpected Problem" To do something

Today is my first day using this program, I really like it since it is very easy to use.

I downloaded an example game, I edited only the character, it was all good, I saved, I turned off the PC, then when I returned to continue editing the character when I click on edit it appears: Unexpected Problem

When I click on anywhere in my game / kit I get that error, delete and download the game again, and reinstall the program and continue to appear this annoying error that does not allow me to do anything.

PS: I do not speak English, this was translated with the google translator.

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post your logs.

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(falling back to English)
2017-03-04 23:44:20,647 DEBUG [pool-1-thread-1] stencyl.sw.loc.LanguagePack: Missing:

i think you are windows vista ?  there is some language pack error .......

EDIT : nope...sorry for that language pack update suggestion...............

visit this        i think stencyl no longer supports language pack updation.

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I am from Windows 7. I think that error happened after changing the language of Stencyl to Spanish, Could be the cause?


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try changing it back to english.............and see whether the error re-appears..........