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after working on my first game for 7 months i'm proud to upload it on kongregate.

I would be happy if you rate my game and give me your feedback here is the link  :) :) :

Run silently without being detected !!!
Run silently without being detected by red and blue circles, solve the puzzles collect the items and open your way int the exit to complete the levels.

thanks  :)

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- Excellent job, especially for a first game.
- Graphics are simple, but they're crisp and clean and so work well.
- R should restart the level
- Need a brief tutorial. Maybe just small notice boxes that appear at the right times. I didn't realise that I could walk into the blue guys to kill them.
- It would be nice if the enemy field of view changed as it collided with tiles. Though I imagine quite complex to do. Possible with the image API I imagine.
- On level 8, the game suddenly became very difficult.
- On level 9, some of the field of view markers aren't visible. Or am I missing something?
- Simple gameplay is easy to pick up and fun to play.
- Personally, the movement felt a little too slow. Sorry,  just seen the upgrades!
- In the shop I can't see how much money I have.
- It would be nice if the different characters you buy have special abilities.
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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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Very big thanks JeffreyDriver you look like you spend time on writing this feedback and playing my game I'm very thankful for this . You have found every simple problem in my game I will copy your comment and add all these things you said to my game in the next update :) . Thanks you very much