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I didn't email appstorepromotions, but I'm p known to Apple at this point through previous games, and it's definitely a good idea to email them. I read about that in the thread for The Contender as well, and it has served Faisal well from what I see!

That said, the reason I keep coming back to "Make A Good Game" is that I know games that were featured by Apple and still didn't do very well, which is a shame. I'm a bit weary of the whole "what's the trick" discussion because even if there were a secret shortcut to guaranteed features (which there isn't), you could still end up getting nothing out of it.

As far as what a good game is, it's subjective but there are things to keep in mind. Good art, easy to understand interface (i.e. your gameplay can be complex but people have to be able to understand what's going on and what buttons etc to press immediately), compelling enough gameplay / enough content / replayability to keep players coming back, and integrating as many platform-specific features (Game Center, Google Play Services,  ReplayKit, etc etc). Good screenshots / video on the store page and a good icon also matters a lot.

EDIT: Kappsule is owned by GeorgeN, who handles Android ports for some Stencyl devs.

I am also pretty known to Apple at this point as well (30 features in some capacity) so don't tend to email App Store promotions anymore, but for a first time release, it's a good point of reference for initial contact. I did email them a few years ago with my first game, and that started the ball rolling.

That being said, like Folmer mentioned, it doesn't matter who / what you email if your game isn't really refined. There is no "trick" to getting featured. A "good" game may be subjective, but I don't think "good" design is. :)

P.S. Getting a feature definitely does not guarantee "success" in a fiscal sense.  There are so many thing you have to do before and after launch to keep the wheels turning. Cheers!

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Hey guys!

You can play this awesome game by @thechaosengine on Android also.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kappsule.yoletsup&hl=en