Let's stencyl together!


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I just wanted to see if people are interested in looking over each other's shoulders while creating games in Stencyl, using a microphone and screensharing. I used to do that when I played online poker and the benefit was immense, even when I was watching players that were a lot worse than me.
Some people twitch but I always miss that, for example ceosol announces his streams here but I don't refresh the page often enough. I think the easiest way would be to make a Skype group since people have it running in the back and see when someone posts. If skype isn't the most used (desktop) messenger anymore then let me know which program is, I'm obviously flexible.
You can add me on skype here: flamingmoe861

If more than one person adds me, we'll have a group!
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You could also join the discord chat. People are automatically marked in purple there when they start streaming, and sometimes they announce it too.


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