Need Programmer Pricing for educational training game using Stencyl


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My name is Sophocles Grafas and I am an Art Director with LeapFrog Solutions, which is a Woman Owned Small business in Fairfax, Virginia. I am reaching out to you as I am in need of a quote to develop an educational training game. The client is Exxon Mobile and I have a look and feel and general idea of how the game is going to be but need your expertise to get a quote on what mobile development of this game will be.

The idea is to create a mobile game for both Anroid/IOS that would have a menu/portal where the varying classes would be accessible, each class would be a separate game. Someone would open the app, see the list of available classes, click on one that would say “pre-assessment game”, one may be “Off Highway Machinery” and would be 20 questions, some multiple choice. Each question has some  looping animation but has a simple style. No character movement between questions and if the user clicks the wrong answer they are told what the correct one, all the questions would be logged so at the end of the game you would tally a score, this would be sent to a custom email so that it would be a pre assessment of their level before joining the class. Will have sound effects and possibly custom music. This has the opportunity to have more “modules” games created. What I need is a programmer that can price out how long it would take them, or an hourly rate and needs to be able to make it editable in Stencyl. It needs to be able to be expanded upon and updated, hence the “levels” in the app menu would be different games for different Exxon Classes. If you work in a team, I would love to price out one game with you to see if the client is interested, the team would be taking my direction, but needs to have an Illustrator, and Programmer.

Can gladly talk more about the project, thank you!

Sophocles Grafas
Art Director
LeapFrog Solutions


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