Dicord Chat Bugged


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I was in discord for 5 years and it bugged last night, maybe some douchebags cut me out, but im really trying to help that community, by blocking me you shot yourself in the foot, Im gonna work real hard against what you doing, I kinda believed in ya, but your not as near as Construct. I was defending Stencyl against my engineer friends, no they know who you trully are. Sorry, and good night and good, and please be peace in that vaporware you made. You lost on good customer forever with this bad attitude. Are you professional or what Jon?


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I just checked, what all the dramas about.
The reason why you are banned from the Group Chat is, you bombard the chatroom with all your post.
One of your post is almost 200 lines. And 15-20 minutes after that, you post even more lines.
What is up with that, man?
You shouldn't be doing that. Thats annoying and extremely rude.

Imagine other people want to chat too, but they can't, cause it will be lost in the sea of your post.
Not cool.
Its not a private 1 to 1 chatroom ya know...
I wonder who is the one not being professional and have a bad attitude here..

side note :
Discord is released 2 years ago, on March 6, 2015.
Stencyl's "Discord" chatroom, was only created last year. Less than 8 months.
I don't know where you got the 5 years from.