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Lately I’m looking at HTML5 and I want to work on some things for mobile.

Demo : HTML5 Extension

These are some of the things I’m looking at:

  • Swipe (seems to work with the standard blocks)
  • Accelerometer : default blocks don’t work so I might work on an extension for this
  • Multitouch : same as accelerometer
  • Video / Screen capture
  • Video playback
  • Native GUI
  • Sharing
  • Offline = caching
  • Vibrate : Only on some browsers/devices

I’m not sure if these can be done, but I will give it a shot.

If someone else has some information or want something else looked at feel free to post!

Work In Progress State (Will be edited)
* vibrate : works on some browsers
* Accelerometer : Data is captured on most browsers. Need to make device fixed as it currently rotates the screen : locked orientation looks like to stay a problem; maybe a notification to the user to lock device if accelerometer is used?
* Video Playback : Youtube and a mp4 from the extras folder : done
* Native GUI : Currently support for the input text element. Focus/Selectable/resizeable ; onclick event needs work
* WebCam : capture of video and photo : done
* Orientation : fixed size instead of default resize; browser orientation keeps preventing good fixation
* Share : need to find the URL strings for the different apps. WhatsApp seem to have blocked the URL approach; There are some other extensions done already on share.
* Multi Touch : Works but broad multi-touch events are acted up on the browser i.e. gesture : closing browser .. so warning: use with care
* Cache : To be done
* Clean Up blocks : to be done

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In the Issue Tracker there are suggestions/bugs reported about HTHL5
I'm spanish, excuse me for my bad English.
I'm not a private teacher. Please, post your questions in the public forum.


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Thanks, but I'm not going to fix bugs.  I searched for some suggestions but found only one (yours) regarding maintaining aspect ratio.

I will be only looking into extensions and leave Stencyl toolset to the real developers :D

Also, some things are only supported on some browsers AND/OR devices.
For instance vibrate works on Nexus + Chrome but Samsung Note and iPad Pro will not vibrate.
Firefox seems to be another browser that has good vibrate integration but haven't tried it yet. It will be a challenge to create something that works for all browsers and that is not really my intention of the current investigations.

Hopefully the things that are on the current list will work on most browsers but we will see.

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Proud member of the League of Idiotic Stencylers! Doing things in Stencyl that probably shouldn't be done.