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The Contender (Featured by Apple New Games We Love)


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Congrats!! Can you share some tips on how to be featured?? ;) ;)

I think the best thing is make a very polished and unique game. Definitely spend time on refining the visual and interactive elements of the game. You need to be able to stand out in crowd of literally tens of thousands of monthly submissions. Once its approved, send an email to App Store promotions and hope for the best. Always give several weeks of lead time.

Above all, just be polite and kind and patient. :)

thank you very much for your tips, one last question... what kind of information should i send to App Store promotions?..A brief description of my game and the link to the game's trailer??


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Only reach out to App Store promotion once your game is complete and approved and ready to release.

This is a good resource:


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Quick update: Contender hitting some top sports charts in a few countries, more on iPad. Cheers!