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[Volunteers Only] Help with Smarty the Fox Sprites!

Hello! I'm looking for an artist who can draw Smarty the Fox in 1990s Sonic style form for a game with the same name as him, it can either be a sheet like Miles "Tails" Prower's sprite sheet that contains everything he does in the game for example: Or sprite sheets that are separate where it's just him walking, running, jumping, etc in each pictures, for both of them, you don't however have to make an animation of him like running through a loop and stuff, also please note that he is older than Miles Prower, assuming he is the same age as Sonic the Hedgehog, finally here's what Smarty looks like:
Two different artists from DeviantArt drew him by the way. I will give you my email through private messaging if you would like to help, you will also be greatly credited in the game too. :) Thanks!

Ok hopefully this will get everyone's attention, Smarty doesn't really need to have a lab coat, which shouldn't take too much time for an artist, he also interestingly has a question mark that's on his white chest and belly.