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Castle Woodwarf


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Sorry I forgot to give some instructions beforehand. Now I put it in developer's comments in the game...
Basically, you buy lumberjacks, fishermen and gatherers. Upgrade castle, environment and the egg (dragon).
Try not to run out of food or let your dragon die. Currently all HP goes to negative just for testing, and the game play is not balanced yet, so food consumption is too low at the moment. Press  7 to get more money for testing so you don't have to wait.

Castle upgrade - increases wood value and lowers the time dwarf need to rest inside castle.
Nature upgrade - increases energy for lumberjacks and fishermen and increases value of the food.

Goal will be to max out the environment.

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Did some nice progress so planning to launch by the end of the next week.
Still need to paint some of the background art, a few more dragon illustrations and polish here and there.
I am very excited about this release and hope you will like the game!

This is the welcome screen made by our artist Theo.
(He is painting images for welcome and game over screens, I am doing the rest of the art)


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Launch of the game is a bit delayed because we might get sponsored!
The potential sponsor asked me to do some more beta testing and adjust game play balance after getting feedback.
By today I got enough data so I fixed accordingly and I am quite happy with results.

Our team's artist Theo suggested challenge modes so I added them too. Studying pixel art tutorials and lots of practicing payed off too. I changed the background flowers and bushes completely, this is how they look now!


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Thank you!

Just the other day I animated the gatherers to turn around smoothly. Before they just flipped and suddenly changed the direction. I am very proud on this.


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The turning animation looks really nice. The previous screenshot is my favorite, though. I like watching the fish flying around :D


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I'm not gonna lie.. I want to play this game! Haha