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Castle Woodwarf


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I too remember you're rough landing with your previous game and it's just great to see you having this success. I just finished the time challenge and really enjoyed the game! I immediately felt the love for detail that was put into it, it's fun to play and even a bit unique. Enjoyed it very much, I totally thrive on strategy games that you have to start over and over while adjusting your strategy - so much better than this idle crap that I'm making :-(. While I wouldn't mind the challenge modes to be harder, I think it turned out good that the first one was rather easy, I too would have been frustrated had I begun with the time challenge (I would have just died over and over at the first wave). There is a pretty good interview about fun in video games at this podcast: (It is a unity podcast but they rarely talk about things specific to unity, unfortunately in this one they talk quite a bit about how all this relates to VR).

I'm looking forward to see where your journey goes, are you planning on staying in this kind of genre? Would be awesome because that's where I'm heading too :-).
Parasites United  (Idle Parasite Game)


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Thanks! Oh, yes, did you check out the credits? You are there in "special thanks to" section with a few other Stencylers. I am grateful to you guys because you encouraged me to go trough this game in the very beginning with kind comments and suggestions. It is sometimes hard to endure trough all stages of creating game. It was your comments that kept the faith in pushing till the finish.

That's awesome! Thank you.   I really love the game.  Best part is the changing environment.  I no joke was waiting to upgrade it each time anticipating the next change!  Really fun..
Mobile version?  ;)


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Thanks, guys! On Armor, the game has more than 116k views with 88/100 rating and the comments are extremely positive. It looks like the game got a small audience that asks for a sequel. It was not my intent to further study this mechanics, but it looks like it is what I am going to be doing now. I love strategy games and I am excited about thinking how to make much better sequel of this game. It will be a bigger project than this one and I expect it will take me a lot of time. I might work on a few more projects simultaneously, so it could easily pass a year or more before sequel sees the light of the day.
Currently I am preparing some small additional content that will be included in mobile version. There will be possibility to collect gems that rarely appear and fall from the trees. These gems will be used to unlock and select different characters instead of the dwarves. Also it will be possible to buy extra gold and fish to make game easier for inexperienced players. Buying resources will have a score penalty so it will be fair to the leaderboard. I will create a ranking list as well, so depending on how quickly you finish the game you will become duke of Woodwarf, lord, knight, blacksmith etc.
Hopefully mobile will be published around 25th Aug. The Flash version I plan to release at Kong should have a link leading to download mobile apps in exchange for more gems.
Here is a GIF with the unlockable girls characters which will get their own voice acting too. I hope I will find time to create some more characters like these, maybe wizards, aliens, animals etc.


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Nice! I'll play the mobile version for sure  :)


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Thanks! I just realized there are quite a few youtube videos already made about the game, many discussions and blogs as well.
Unfortunately, even with the Armor sitelock, the game got stolen so it is all over the internet. I already had this before with a small game Quarrel Hill, but that one wasn't site locked. Can anybody advice me how to avoid this in the future? What could I do to protect my games better?


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I'd be interested in a mobile version :)

I don't know if there's a foolproof way to sitelock anything. My last game got stolen, too (admittedly, I didn't even both sitelocking it, though). If you're planning a mobile game, maybe embed an advertisement for it in the Flash game?


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Yes, the plan is to put  a link leading to mobile game that gives you extra gems when pressed.
Gems you use to unlock extra characters or resources. I don't like pay to win so it will serve like easy mode that doesn't allow you achieving a very high score.