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Two Strange Bugs


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I've run into two strange issues, and I've been unable to figure them out.

First of all I have some drawing events that draw some status bars on the edges of the screen, however, for some unknown reason they only appear AFTER an enemy has been shot.

Secondly, collision shapes for the same scene are not drawing. Most objects have collision shapes, and they appear in other scenes (even on the same actors) but not in this one scene.

I'm stumped, any help gratefully received.


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I don't think you need to enable debug drawing every frame--just once is all that's necessary. But I don't think that's the cause of either problem, just an observation.

Have you tried putting the "switch to scene coordinates" in the drawing event, before drawing anything?


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Thanks merrak. After spending far too many hours on it, I finally figured this out.

I have a status bar that displays your progress towards achieving a high score. The problem was that if a high score hadn't been set, it was trying to divide a value by zero. Fixed by putting that drawing event in an IF statement that draws if the high score is greater than zero.

That accounts for breaking the drawing events, but I don't see why that would remove collision shapes?