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Hello! I am a noob to stencyl. I have gone through all of the wikis & challenges and I want to play around with making some of my own stuff.

I was wondering what the best way to figure out what size your tiles should be is.

And here's some more info about what I want to do if that helps: It is a plantformer and every stage should be the same size, but some levels may have more "levels" of platforms. You are trying to make your way to the top "platform level" of the stage, for some stages you may only have to get past 3 platform levels and for others you may have to get past more. I would also prefer it if the camera was stationary.

Some more info on why I'm asking this: I don't know how to get the versatility I want with the amount of platform levels. Would it be better to make small tiles and put them together to form thicker/thinner platforms? or is there a different solution?


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It depends on several things. The basic tile size is 32px, but quite often I use 16px. I find that if I'm designing something for mobile, then 32px is too large, but for a flash or desktop game, it would be fine.

Best thing to do would be to mock up the levels and see how they look. Maybe even create a basic level in stencyl to test out how it works?
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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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Also dont forget you cant use 2 different tile sizes in one scene! You have to specify in each new scene what the tile size will be, and you will have to stick with it!

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So I could have the same size screen (pixels x pixels) but with double the tiles? like if I had one tile set on one stage that was 32x32 I could have another tileset for another stage that was 16x16? Or am I understanding incorrectly