Steel Seraph (Official Act 1 Demo)- I decided to make an extra demo.


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I thought what I had a year ago would be the final demo, but as it turns out, so many general improvements were needed and applied that I figured I'd make a new (actually final) demo consisting of the whole of the first act.

Scene Transition markers that highlight short forms of the names of the scene where you’re about to go.
A new dialogue box and HUD with a more legible font and more useful information
A map, accessible through CTRL/Select (by default)
A series of game options, key configuration options, saving and loading (up to 20 files)
Weapon ammo counts right on the weapon icon in the pause menu
Keyboard+Mouse and gamepad options for control
Six segments full of diverse air and ground scenarios, with dangerous bosses and interesting NPCs.
Improved level design- The Hal-Con 2015 demo stage is more compact, has better enemy and level layout.
An updated Score Attack mode that consists of more air stages
Improved music (with a wider variety thereof)

I plan for the complete game to have 4 acts, a price point of $10 Canadian, and a release date in late 2017 or early 2018.