Game resets values for X seconds of (do after X seconds) instead of ONCE


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Compiled game:

I am currently almost finished with the game and it works quite fine, BUT!
After the game ends I have the "do after 5 seconds" where I re-initialize all variables but for any unknown reason it keeps doing that for a length of 5 seconds and after that the game starts to run as it should.
Why is it now reseting all of the values for 5 seconds instead of once?

thanks for help

edit: I set the "timer" only to 5 seconds to be able to make quick checks. The standard timer is at 30 seconds. The 5 seconds do not come from "timer". And I have nothing declared with 5 seconds anywhere else.

edit: The time in which the variables are permanently reset for 5 seconds is the time I use for "do after X seconds"... he not only does whatever I say AFTER the said time but he also keeps that active for the same amount of time. If I say "do after 60 seconds" it will fix the variables after those 60 seconds for 60 seconds.

edit 2: okay I got the problem... in the X seconds that I let the game "wait" it re-initiates that sequence once per frame... >.<

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