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Corporate Salmon - Fish in Business Suits Climbing an Escalator.


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Don your best suit and flop to the top of a fishy financial escalator in Corporate Salmon!

Here's the gist of Corporate Salmon...

Get ready for work...

Collect revenue...

Meet with colleagues...

Make profits...

Get fired...

Buy suits to feel better.

I've been working on the project for 2-3 months (As well as flitting between other projects), I expect this one will be in development for another month or so.

If you hadn't guessed from the format of the game (And my previous projects) this is a game for mobile, I'll be making it free with ads (With the option to pay to remove them). I'll probably also chuck up a version of the project on a flash portal as well!

Any thoughts on what you see so far would be greatly appreciated, as well as any questions you have. There should be more info coming soon in the next few weeks!

I will try and keep this page nice and up to date with what I'm up to, I find posting fixes/updates helps me keep track of where I'm at, particularly in the later stages of development where progress isn't measured in huge leaps and bounds. Twitter is my usual stomping grounds, for super up to date stuff check out what I'm posting on there.




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Seems feature quality!! All the best.
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This game looks great! I love the art and animations. Looking forward to playing it!
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