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Corporate Salmon - Fish in Business Suits Climbing an Escalator.


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Hey Folks,

Heads up that I took a weekend off from the project to relax but also tinker with some other stuff! Here's what I worked on instead for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam! Was fun to work on but also gave me some practice in UI design as well as building games at a super small size (96 x 128) which now love doing. May spend tomorrow morning get a version working on a device for fun.

I'll be back on with work on Corporate Salmon tomorrow, so don't worry too much about that!

Thanks for checking the project out, genuinely appreciate the nice feedback Corporate Salmon has received so far.

Here's  some footage of me reworking the top of the escalator to have a flat surface. Originally planned to have it be a floor you arrived at, but it seems to be more entertaining as a section of the elevator that levels out. More tinkering to come!


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Hey Folks,

So today I've focused on several features as part of the game:

1. Escalator top done and further optimisation - Rather than the stub you saw in the previous gif I posted, I used the top of the escalator from the boss level for a cap to the escalator banister. As an experiment, I built a function that optimises the resources used for the game. Previously, I had two separate objects for the front and back banister, but now I've just created a variable based local ID that can determine that I can label to be either a back or front banister. Depending on which one it is, the colour and layer position is altered. This worked and thanks to this, the storage for some of the biggest objects in the game can be halved. There is still a bunch of polishing to be done which I'll be doing tomorrow.

2. POWER UPS! - After realising the slow-mo function was being mistaken for lag, I created a separate object to collect to activate it. From this I designed several different powerups including x2 multipliers, low gravity and coin magnets. Here are some examples in action:


Currently they activate when the power-up is collected, but I'm going to be dabbling with the concept of having them activated upon tapping on the UI in the corner of the screen. This way, you can toggle that double jump in time with a dangerous situation rather than it being activated involuntarily.

If you have any suggestions for power-ups you'd like to see in the game, let me know!

Thanks and keep an eye on the project tomorrow for more updates!


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Hey Folks!

Here's my to do list for today:

1. Flesh out the power-up system in Corporate Salmon:
a. Finalise the power-up list
b. Currently the power-up object is expanded from a tiny file. To add some more detail to this, I'll be looking into doubling its size.
c. Design the accompanying indicator on the speed UI in the corner of the screen.
d. Look into whether being able to physically toggle the power ups works better for the game, rather than activated on collision.

2. Polish top of escalator and level exit

3. Look into extending the end of the escalator (Now that I've shaved a section off of the top)

4. Further optimisation including editing background sizes and removing duplicate files.

I'll be posting updates through today, so keep an eye out for those as I work my way through!


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Hey Folks!

Nice little set of updates:

I've got the top of the escalator working smoothly. Not only does it level out, but initially the step ascends to the level the player can see.

Here's a quick snap of what that looks like under the hood:

And here's what that looks like in action with the casing on:

As you can see in the above gif as well, I've implemented a couple of extra things;

1. End platform with a finish line on it
2. Little finish line flags either side
3. And of course.....


Yep, so I've finally got the power-ups implemented with a toggle-able function. Originally, I built the functionality that you just grab the power-ups and they instantly activate, but that left a lot of poorly timed situations which made them feel more like obstacles than perks (E.g. Low gravity kicking in and having you stuck in the air).

At first I had used the speed gauge window to display the currently selected power up in, but soon realised after that the position of the speed gauge would mean players would accidentally toggle their power-ups (Since it was the resting thumb position, the bottom right hand side of the screen).

I tried putting the monitor in the top left hand corner but that just made less play space on the screen and a hard to reach location to activate, so I made the activation function a downwards swipe.

At this point, I realised that after 8 different iterations of UI for the corner of the screen, it was probably a lost cause to have a screen/scale/chart/interface in the dead space of the bottom right hand corner. In contrast, it was bought up that having some negative space there for the thumb to rest might actually not be a bad thing.

From here came the revelation that a speed gauge wouldn't be necessary since you could gauge the speed of the escalator by looking at it!

In the end, it's more information that the player needs, so I scrapped it.



The power-up once collected is displayed in the top left hand corner of the screen as a small icon and upon swiping the screen downwards the power activates. This includes some (And more) of these:


Lowers the gravity of all objects in the level, allows you to cover huge distances but can leave you floating if poorly timed.


Drags all coins toward the player and consumes them.


Makes the player huge and therefore easier to climb the stairs which is more like a ramp to a larger player.

There's also slow motion (Which you've seen before) but also x2 multiplier which is a nod to the previous system I had in place.

What from here?

1. Build the tutorial to not only introduce the various power-ups but the gameplay in general.

2. Look at extending the escalator - It's getting really hard to judge at this point, but particularly with the power-ups I'm finding it easier to get up the escalator - Possibly making them an extra third as long would be something I'd be looking into. Failing that, having a variable that I can set/change that allows me to alter the height of the escalator easily.
3. More visual feedback when using the powers - At the moment they feel pretty bland to use, and you can only tell they've de-activated by them disappearing off the screen. No slider, no flashing as they're about to run out, nothing. To add, there isn't much visual indicator in the level that things are changing, so I'll be looking at adding some extra stuff.
4. Start designs for new logo as mentioned previously.
5. Try and experiment with the shop swipe movement - A friend who was also building a shop for their game managed to figure out some swipe code that works with moving multiple actors, so I'll be trying to integrate the solution he directed me to and tweak it for a looping carousel.
6. Properly cost, name and order the various suits in game - A lot of the original ones are garbage and I'll be getting rid of (A lot of them to populate the rails with were just copy and paste with a hue alteration).

That'll be it for now, Thanks for giving this a read and stay tuned for more soon!


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Morning folks!

Today I'm going to be tackling 3 major areas of the project listed in the previous post:

1. Shop functionality - As mentioned in earlier posts, I rebuilt the shops functionality to let the player directly interact with the carousel after the players didn't seem to notice the nifty coat hanger arrow keys I made. This had a period of time that I dedicated to swipe functionality, but couldn't get the desired effect and settled for a two button screen split (Left side to move left, right side to move right). I'll be trying to implement a swipe functionality today.

2. Further experimentation with UI (Power-ups) - Whilst I have definitely written off displaying anything in the bottom right hand corner that is not absolutely critical, you can see from the latest gifs I've been sharing there is still some minimal UI on the top section of the screen. This needs some further tinkering, including (Despite my efforts to amend this) seeing if the power-ups would be better to appear anchored to the screen like a piece of a HUD (Like the score/height measure), or keep the current more physical weight to its positioning on the screen. Setting up a system that I can toggle between if I keep changing my mind would be the optimal solution.

3. Export a build - This one is particularly important, as the lack of testing on a physical device (Instead through a computer/browser) meant I didn't notice the issues with the interface (Of having the players' thumb naturally rest where it was displayed). It should also mean I can keep sending out Testflight builds to accumulate some more feedback.

Here's a fun gif to tide you over of me earlier experimenting with the grow function:


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Hey Folks!

So update on the project - I've managed to get the new UI system working:
1. Added a noise that indicates when a power up is toggled and collected (May also add one that kicks in when disabled)
2. Swipe functionality was inverted as swiping upwards rather than down on the device felt better.
3. Added a timer that lets you know how long you have left before the power up runs out
4. Decided to fix the power up to the screen like UI to avoid perceptions that it was an object in game rather than a HUD element.
5. Gutted all of the old UI out in the corner.

There's definitely still some work to be done on making this perfect - I'm needing to:
1. Add some more visual and sound based feedback for the different power ups
2. Figure out what happens when you collect multiple power ups or are mid power-up use (Ditch the previous one?)
3. Decide on whether to remove people's power-ups upon death/moving between levels.

The other major thing I've been working on is Suit Yourself (The game shop), where I've managed to add the beginnings of swipe functionality:
1. Compared to before where you tapped either side of the screen to scroll left and right, you now can swipe.
2. Upon finishing your swipe, the clothes rack will automatically align to the nearest one to the player.
3. Set a maximum scroll speed to avoid the rack breaking as well as upper and lower limits to how far it can move.

This is all great, but there's still a bunch of things to fix/add:
1. I've disabled looping as it was causing a bunch of issues of misalignment. I may add it back in eventually, but need to ensure the suits remain aligned as a priority.
2. Making the salmon be aligned to the suit they're currently wearing from the store (Rather than scrolling from the first to the last for example).
3. Tweaking the Sticking of the centre code - Whilst it does the job, it almost does it too well and as a result it makes it hard to move between suits next to one another.
4. Refining the code that limits movement at either end - The code that stops the player from scrolling past all of the costumes does technically work, but has on a couple of occasions failed to stop movement then locked any interaction with the rack. I'll be looking into that.

Grabbing some lunch and I'll then post some gifs/video of current gameplay.

Thanks for reading this!


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Hey Folks,

After a lot of faffing around, I've managed to get the shop working with swipe functionality. It no longer loops around, but does line up correctly, start the player with the suit they are currently wearing and stops the player from scrolling infinitely. With the system I have in place, it should be easy enough to add more costumes as time goes on.

I've also added noise to the power ups, although there's still the other two issues mentioned in the last post to address.

Here's some extra stuff add to the to do list:

1. More visual and audio stimuli when you buy stuff/interact with things in the store (Currently you don't even get a sound if you buy something)
2. Spawning at the top of escalator - A lot of the spawning functionality was built around the escalator going off the top of the screen, but since levelling that out alignment problems have began occurring. I'll be needing to address that.
3. Whilst I get rid of fish that fall off the bottom of the screen, on the later levels they get too good and rocket up the stairs. This in a gameplay sense is totally fine, but it means there's a huge glut of fish at the top of the escalator that aren't be de-spawned.
4. Finalise the colour of the power-ups - Currently they are the same colour as the first level, but I might decide a more neutral colour that works across all levels.

Here are some overarching things:
1. Re-Design Splash Screen, logo and banners.
2. Clear external assets for release
3. Do tutorial banners and implement them appropriately
4. For the store, get the suits and name, price, order and polish their designs. Cut some of the more generic ones.
5. More feedback for the unique power-ups when used.
6. Implement ad functionality and in app purchases
7. Finish the loop of gameplay (Currently if you win, you can only keep playing the boss battle repeatedly when you press start).

Stay tuned for more soon!