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Hi Everybody

We have just released out latest game Fidget Spinner - The Game on to the AppStore and would love it if you guys would check it out.

If you not familiar with Fidget Spinners they're the hand held gyroscopes that seem to be all the rage at the moment. The game was born out out of an unused "Pop the Lock" style prototype I had lying around and the fact that I can't walk for more than five minutes down the street without seeing some kid spinning one of these things.

 I do feel a little dirty releasing this as it reeks of a quick cash in (I wish  ;) but after we threw together a prototype over the weekend we felt that it was fun enough to justify releasing it.

If anybody has the time to check out the game and let us know what they think or what they would like included or removed in any future update we would be very grateful.

Just like to add a quick shoutout to  ByRobin as we used several of his extensions in the game and they where a absolute breeze to implement - Thanks Robin.

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