Twitch API in Stencyl


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So I was googling "Stencyl Twitch API" and looked though it for a while.
But never found anything that really answered what I was looking for.'

So my question is, how is Stencyl and the Twitch API in relation to each other?
Is it something that is even possible or how is Stencyl looking in terms of this?

I'd really like to try and make some Twitch interactive "games" in Stencyl but there is not much to read up about it.

Have anyone in here done it, is there any guides out there (when it comes to stencyl)
And is it something you would like to play with too or know more about?

-  Mort


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Huge +1.  Although it's such a niche feature you're probably better off taking a stab at it yourself. From what I gather twitch integration is mostly a matter of connecting to a twitch channel's chat through IRC.

There are various IRC bots written in haxe which could potentially be poked around with to produce an extension (he said taking a wild stab in the dark).

Once you've got the text back there's loads of stuff in Stencyl for interpreting it.