Standard Behaviour "Health Manager" not killing on zero health


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Game Source:

Am I missing something? The behaviour does not kill the actor on zero health as I set it up.
Would be nice if someone could take a look.



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Can you just post your code?

A guess is that killing is only triggered if health equals exactly zero. Try if health is equal or less than zero.


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Need the code buddy  ;)


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Didn't post the behaviour exclusively code as it is completely untouched. But here is the game, just import to take a look.

thx :)

edit: replaced the link with an importable .stencyl file

edit 2: I think I found the problem. The standard behaviour communicates with a deprecated box, so it's not able to function correctly. Should be updated to the current version of stencyl. Guess I'll build myself a health system.

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I found another bug with the standard health manager behaviour (that also happens when I create a behaviour myself, see attached file)...

Every second spawned actor is being spawned with "Max Health"-1
This is also not fixed when I set Current Health to Max Health on spawn.

(In my example please understand that the first shown actor (the gem) is pre-set and does not count into the every second spawned actor problem. The problem starts thus with the "third" actor which is the second one that is being spawned.