Slow ship wobble scene


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Hello, I'm trying to add a slight wobble to the my scene like on a ship. How could I achieve this ?


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I'd approach it my moving the camera in a certain way. I suppose that your scene (if it isn't already) would need to be a little bigger than the screen size so that you have some room to move the camera around.

There's also the screen shake block, but I doubt that will give you the effect you're after, though I did use it to good effect on a game I made where you're on a train.

Click through until you get to the train scene. It's only the second scene so will only take you a few seconds to get to the right scene.
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The screen shake is too agressive and jittery. Schism uses it but it's not what I'm looking for. I would need something that rotates my camera on the Z axis very slowly.


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Use the math function 'sin' to get a soft wave motion. Just feed an increasing value to 'sin'  and 'sin' will output a smooth wave between -1 and 1. Then just multiply the result to get the scale you need, like this: 'sin(IncreaseMe)*scale'