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[Streaming] I'll be taking some time off...


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Hey guys,

Those who have seen my vlogs might already know that I have been dealing with a chronical illness. So far I have managed to cope with it, but unfortunately this has taken it's toll on me.  I'd really wish I didnt have to do this since I never liked to  disappoint people, but it has been recommended by several doctors now that it's time for some rest.

In the meanwhile that I'm gone, you can always continue to support TheIndieStation by sharing it with your friends, schools or wherever it fits, so that all my efforts will not slowly fade away hehe...

Again, I'm really sorry guys, but I will see you all soon again!

NOTE: As stated below, I will be doing some livestreams every now and then, so if you follow my Twitch channel, you will get a notification whenever I go live. This will either be doing some freestyle developing in Stencyl, or some regular gaming. Pretty much anything to get my mind off a bit =)

These streams are also being recorded, and will be uploaded to YouTube aswell. Because of that, I will be using this topic to keep you guys posted on any of that content.

Latest non-tutorial content:

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We love you man!  Wish you all the best! See you soon :)


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Sad to here that, you are providing a lot of value to this community. I hope you get better soon!
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Thank you for your continued support. My thoughts go out to you. I hope you will be able to come back soon in full health, as your channel is slowly gaining momentum and I'd like to see it continued. Cheers!


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That sucks, what kind of illness do you have?


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Sad to hear this! But do rest, gain your strength and come back with renewed energy :) We'll be waiting.
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Thanks guys

Unfortunately it's not just one thing, but right now it's mostly that I burned myself up mentally. I tried to cope with it by setting tight deadlines for myself with creating/uploading tutorials and replying to forum questions to keep myself busy, but instead it allowed for the main issue to being build up in such a way that it now starts effecting me physically.

If you guys still wanna follow me somehow, I have been thinking about live streaming myself when playing some good old video games om Twitch (afterwards probably uploading them to YouTube) during this time off, but this might take some preperation time to get it all up and running and i'm not even sure if I will be doing this for a long time or not. But in case you are interested, here is the link to my Twitch page:



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I hadn't realised that you were also doing some vlogging.  I've been looking at your tutorials for a while and they are really informative.

As a fellow 'creator' I can understand how difficult it can be.  I have to take breaks regularly as health does get compromised regularly.

Take it easy, get that energy back and I am really sure that your viewers will still be there waiting to welcome you back again.

Cheers for now,



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I was about to indeed include some more vlogging, which will basicaly be more like how to start without a budget etc kind of video's.