Mobile scalling help pleaze !!!! last step in my game


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i  can't  find a solution to my scalling idea !
than i decided to share you my Problem in detail, i hope that you can help me 
 this scalling suits me 

i"ts scall to fit (letter boxe) But the problem as you can see There is some space lost at the top and bottom of my android device screen ( and other it depends the device )
To have a full screen I have already tried stretch to fit scalling But it Distorts My actor ( size ) so The game becomes ugly on some devices , knowing that the original size of my actor is important .
So i want to use the last scalling mode ( letterboxe) . Nothing is wrong with it Because the background is black. except that i have an background actor who appears In the game . at some moment ,  And borders of screen game become remarkable :( .. 
i hope that you understand what i say  .

sincerly i want to use stretch to fit to my background actor haha and scall to fit letter boxe for the rest of the game x) x)   that's thé idea  haha Helpp pleaazeee and thnnxx for answeriing


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Use 'ScaleToFit(Fullscreen)' and then just make your background actor a bit larger than the screen.
Also good to know: Apple rejected one of my apps when I used Letterbox, so I had to change it...


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So i cant apply two different scalling x) one for the actor and one to the rest of game


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So i cant apply two different scalling x) one for the actor and one to the rest of game

No. You can get the device type, or the current scale (1x, 1.5x, 2x, 4x) but not scaling mode. Maybe something worth adding to the issue tracker?
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is the scale mode set in code in the engine.hx?  maybe we can set it on the fly?  i haven't tried or looked into it..

 i have made a separate zoom in the engine.hx file.. so i can zoom x. or zoom y independently


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i decided to use scall to fit full screen mode so  how much space in the bottom of screenI have to leave it empty ? Knowing that there is already a great vacuum in some  devices caused by the scalling ???