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Paper Pirates vs Vikings


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I was initially confused and kept trying to punch what looks like a ghost. Eventually some other enemies wandered on screen and I was able to attack them. It'd be nice if I was able to move even a bit faster, but otherwise I managed to do pretty well on my second play.

I don't feel like I'm being given enough information about what's going on. I got punched and couldn't get up until I pushed some buttons. Then I got a "bag full" message. Of course, it makes sense having seen the development posts--but new players won't have access to that. Some more visual and audio cues may help. For example, a sound could play when the treasure chest is being looted... especially when off screen.

Otherwise, looks good to me so far. I like the direction the theme is going... I think it'd be a neat game when done.


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I appreciate the feedback!  i made the flash controls  real quick.. not sure if ill do a desktop version or keep it mobile... they are great on mobile.. ill have to do a tutorial... or a how to play level before launch...
finally after all this coding i had time to do some graphics.. hand drawn viking.. i will animate him in the morning


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Here is a new video of early gameplay of the first level.  I am close to publishing level 1... I'll add more things and levels with updates.
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