Snake Frenzy - Now Out on the iOS Store!


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Check out my new game Snake Frenzy! It took me two weeks in Stencyl to make. It is an addicting arcade game where you need to defeat other snakes with your tail while avoiding other snakes' tails.
Let me know what you think, thanks.


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It is a similar concept but no multiplayer, instead it is more of an arcade game.


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Cool.  Any android release?  I'm going to have to get Apple device soon!


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Not at the moment, possibly in the future :)


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As the game is quite tough, especially the first few times you play, make it even quicker to restart.
Lots of ads. As I tended to die quite quickly, I was spending as much time looking at ads as I was playing the game.

Although the graphics are simple, they work well
Gameplay is easy to pick up
Music and sound effects are good
Menu and UI is easy to navigate
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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.