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Hoppy Pals


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Yes, coins will be used to unlock characters and potentially backgrounds if I can get to it. Game doesn't have power ups but for ads I was thinking of some combination of:

1.Watch an ad to continue (1 extra life)
2. Watch an ad for coins
3. Give an option to watch a video ad to remove all ads for one session (kind of like hulu).
4. immediate full screen ad on start up


I like the idea of the extra life and coins. You may not want to have this after every time the character dies, so maybe used a random integer block to determine if the ad option will appear.


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I'd suggest getting players hooked before showing them ads.

I'd also suggest thinking about how frequently the player will encounter ads. For a new player who has little practice, a game might only lasts 30 seconds. If you show an ad every "game over", then new players might be turned away by so many ads.

Total game play time may be a better model. When the app is first launched, let the player play for a few minutes before showing the first ad. When the timer has expired then an ad will be shown on the next game over and the timer is then reset. If it were me, I'd so something like 3-7-7-7 (time before first ad is 3 minutes, then subsequent ads are spaced 7 minutes apart). Less intrusive ads would be spaced closer together, and more intrusive (video, for instance) spaced further apart.