Leapy Peeps (formerly Hoppy Pals) now available on the App Store!


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I enjoyed playing this. It was good ol’ mindless time waster fun as it should be. But I do have a few issues: 1. The generation can be unfair at times (example: stuck falling platform and saw blade or other hazard where you need to land), 2. There are some pals that don’t fit the art style (example: the moai), 3. There needs to be a way to do shorter hops.
Hey thanks for the feedback! I'm currently taking in all the feedback and am working to drop a smoother update very soon.

1. If you look closely at the saw blades they always spawn toward the right of the platform. It might not look like you can land it but you should be able to. I will adjust this though to make it more clear and possibly prevent that combination from happening.

2. You're right. I'm working on revamping the characters as it was one of the very last things I did and kind of dreaded it tbh lol I was burnt out at that part. Good feedback.

3. If you're referring to the distance you go only when you tap (short jump), then I can definitely reduce the distance the player travels by a little. I debated this before but didn't want to overdo it because the player could spam it on a long platform and increase the score too fast. I will reduce it so instead of being able to do 2 short hops on a long platform you may be able to do 3 or 4.

Solid and honest feedback I really^2 appreciate it. I'm gonna take this and go make the game better! Thank you!