[SOLVED]Switch animations on collision


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Hi there!
I'm very very new at Stencyl and I have a problem in switching animation, when a character collides with another one.
I created the event I attached, but I also tried to make a behavior and it didn't work. The actor should collide with points and change animation. In another game I made I used the same event and there it worked.Can someone help me?
Consider I know nothing about programming and that I started with Stencyl few weeks ago. If there're other posts with this problem, apoligize me, but I had no time to search.

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Firstly, from the menu, click RUN, then ENABLE DEBUG DRAWING and then test your game. This will let you see the collision shapes at run time so you can check that your actors do have shapes to collide.

If that's fine, have a look at the groups that your actors have. Make sure that they're set to collide with one another.

Have you changed the physics setting for your actors? Those can affect collisions.
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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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Thanks for the answer!
I discovered that the animation didn't switch, because points died immediately after the collision and so there was no time to change animation. But anyway your answer showed me that I inadvertently changed some proprieties!