Sending info to error window


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Here is the situation:
With the extension I am creating you are able to create mobile controls using blocks, but there are some cases that might leave the player able to spawn multiple on screen controls in the same place, or in a place where they overlap. When this is the case, upon compiling I want to stop the compiling and show some text in the error window that pops up when there is an issue with compiling.

Is there a way to do this?


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I don't think it's possible with an engine extension, but there's an onGameBuild callback you might be able to use in a toolset extension for this purpose.

The best solution I could think of for engine extensions is just to print a warning to the log using trace( ) and rely on the user to notice it.


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I don't think creating that error which stencyl pops is possible.....
But we can throw errors like following :

either in the Haxe file of the extension Or in the blocks of stencyl we could add this line and throw error using designated text in the case where needed......
Code: [Select]
throw new openfl.errors.ArgumentError("text of error to show");
or also more comfortably we could instead add the line straight in the blocks which specify the case in which error should be thrown....


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@merrak, thanks for the info. Ill guess ill hve to go with some trace warnings then. Ive alo send you a PM btw.

@anthony, this would be a bit to much im affraid haha