Get Off My Planet [iOS] [Android]


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Hello fellow Stencylers, I’m Zach DeStefano, recent high school graduate and Founder of Z-Licious Games LLC, and I have just recently launched my fourth mobile game, "Get Off My Planet," for Apple and Android devices.

"Get Off My Planet" relies on quick reactions as players jump from planet to planet and explore a variety of hostile locations. Obstacles attack the player from all sides, requiring them to think fast, move quickly, and get off my planet! Avoid crushing pillars, space station lasers, piercing ice spikes, and even huge living chess pieces. The game features retro graphics, a dynamic soundtrack, and simple swipe controls. It is easy to learn but difficult to master. Do you have what it takes to swipe your way through all twenty waves perfectly?

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Artwork looks pretty cool and the gameplay looks interesting so I'm definitely gonna give this a go. Congrats on the release!