How do you embed a Stencyl HTML 5 game on Wix?


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I've made my game as HTML5 platform so when I put it on my wix site, both mobile users and pic users can access the game, but how do embed it onto wix? I know their is a Embed HTML on wix. Do I put the code there?


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Hello DilzyDuck,

So far I can see WIX is an environment where you create site on a server you don't have full control over.
You can embed external site.

* If you can upload a site to wix and link to it you can publish to HTML5 and transer the .zip to the site
* You need to have an option on wix to unzip that zip
* Or to manually upload each file to WIX

My guess that this isn't possible.

So then it would boil down to publishing to google drive/dropbox and do a site embed from WIX.

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