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Retro Redux Compilation


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After much toing and froing between the various ideas that I've come up with over the past 12+ months, I've finally settled on a project; a reworking of my original Retro Redux, which is being rebuilt from the ground up.

Again, this is going to be a collection of mini-games inspired by the Atari 2600.

I'm going to ditch some of the original mini-games, introduce some new ones, and rework the best ones.

I'm aiming for simple, addictive gameplay, and simple graphics.

Feedback and criticism welcomed. Thanks.

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I really like the direction you took the graphics in. I played Dogfight and thought it was pretty fun for the few minutes I played it. I'll have to play more and test the others later. I missed out on the Atari 2600 (I had the Radioshack Pong thing instead), but I've seen a lot of reviews and videos about it and the flavor of the games seems close from that perspective.


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New game added, and there's have been some graphics changes and general improvements.

I will be refining what I have so far and moving on to adding some more games.


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Another game added, a reworking of 'Castle of Skulls' which is a reimagining of Jawbreaker.

I'm still not happy with some of the graphics. The simplicity seems to work for some games, but not so well for others.


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One more game, 'Alien Storm'

There's still some balancing issues for most of the games, and I'm looking at adding some more eye-candy.

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