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After much toing and froing between the various ideas that I've come up with over the past 12+ months, I've finally settled on a project; a reworking of my original Retro Redux, which is being rebuilt from the ground up.

Again, this is going to be a collection of mini-games inspired by the Atari 2600.

I'm going to ditch some of the original mini-games, introduce some new ones, and rework the best ones.

I'm aiming for simple, addictive gameplay, and simple graphics.

Feedback and criticism welcomed. Thanks.

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I really like the direction you took the graphics in. I played Dogfight and thought it was pretty fun for the few minutes I played it. I'll have to play more and test the others later. I missed out on the Atari 2600 (I had the Radioshack Pong thing instead), but I've seen a lot of reviews and videos about it and the flavor of the games seems close from that perspective.


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New game added, and there's have been some graphics changes and general improvements.

I will be refining what I have so far and moving on to adding some more games.


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Another game added, a reworking of 'Castle of Skulls' which is a reimagining of Jawbreaker.

I'm still not happy with some of the graphics. The simplicity seems to work for some games, but not so well for others.


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One more game, 'Alien Storm'

There's still some balancing issues for most of the games, and I'm looking at adding some more eye-candy.

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Added Planet Defender.

Not sure if I'm going to add another game or not. I may add one more to make it a round 8.

My focus is now on making each game more visually interesting and balancing difficulty etc.


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Awards system now implemented.

I was originally going to use actors for listing the awards, but as I wanted to add hundreds of awards, I went for simply drawing them. Much more lightweight,  and easier to manage. Especially if I want to expand it later.

I'm now going to go through each game to figure out how I can make each more engaging.

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Added visual feedback for when the user taps the screen
Added help text on the help page

Added screen shake when towers are hit
Asteroids produce fragments when shot
Powerups appear slightly more often
Added health bars to the enemy ships
Removed drawing events used for testing/debug
Extra visual feedback for powerup collection

Given the player plane a contrail

Fixed an issue with the multi-shot powerup

Fixed an issue with the powerup timer bar
Fixed powerup spawning issue where one particular powerups was showing too often

Particle effects on enemy death
Made scene changes faster

Fixed firing control

+ Some games (particularly Tank Outpost) need to be made more visually interesting.
+ Thinking about adding secrets/challenges. (What could these unlock?)
+ Considering changing the colour pallette. Currently using the Atari 2600 palette, but might go for something with fewer colours. It would be a huge task though...

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Graphics Improvements
Added challenges page (Completing challenges will unlock extra content)
Made Bomber Run slightly easier by reducing enemy fire rate
Made Skull Castle scene change much quicker.
Hopefully fixed Skull Castle movement bug where the player became misaligned with the grid

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Graphics Improvements
Added new game - Knight Dash - a much revamped version of the one that appeared in my original Retro Redux
- It has 8 stages and will have two modes; Classic, where you complete the stages in as few deaths as possible, and Endurance, where you have a set number of lives and the stages will just loop indefinitely, getting slightly harder each time.

In the final version, Knight Dash will only be unlockable by completing challenges.

I may make more games that are unlocked by completing challenges.
May remove the weakest of the games.


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- Added a new game, Sproing. Like Knight Dash, this has two game modes. Classic with 10 stages, and and endless runner. THIS GAME IS DIFFICULT, but I'm probably NOT going to make it easier.

- Made the most recent game and Knight Dash as easter eggs to find. (On the games list screen swipe up or down to unlock the extra games, then you can swipe left/right between the two games lists

- New graphics improvements. I realised that it didn't make sense to have the controls as part of the game, so I've changed the button graphics and now have them float over the game so it feels more like playing an arcade game.

- Score/time/lives counters now appear as an LED screen

- Pause button is now in the top-left of all the games. made the hit box much larger than the image so it's easy to press.


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- Added one final game to the hidden section (it really is final this time. I'm leaving it at 10 games.)
- Graphics improvements and fixing graphics bugs
- Fixed a few game bugs
- Started to add challenges
- Option to disable the CRT effect

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- Various graphics tweaks
- Sound effects added