Rising Dusk (PC/MAC)


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I made a thread about this game I was working on a few years back.... most of the images don't even show up in that thread now.

Well here I am now 2 years later. I threw out what I had back then, took what I had learnt and started over.  I redrew everything, redesigned everything, I wanted to see how pretty I could make a game in Stencyl look. How much detail and animation I could pack into each scene. 

The game is a puzzle-platformer, heavily inspired by SNES games like DKC2, Yoshi's Island and a bit of Mystical Ninja.
However I'm not done yet. I've managed to make quite a polished demo, which you can play. I'd love the feedback.
I've just launched a kickstarter for the game, please check it out and you'll find a link to the demo there.  From here on the next step is to get every level to at least the same quality and polish as the ones in the demo.

 Link to Kickstarter & Demo