Smooth Camera Follow


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If you haven't played Cave Story, you really should.


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A better link for Cave Story.
Help support fellow indie developers and charity!  Also, the version of Cave Story included in this bundle is Cave Story+.  Better hurry, because time is tickin' on this deal!

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I saw this type of camera in sega games. Robocop versus terminator have better example of camera that in cave story. And it's not too hard to make this type of smooth camera, but hard to make a game that will work smooth with this camera. Because when you are playing in the simple level without backgrounds this camera is smooth, but when playing scene with 3 wide background images and many actors on full screen on 21' monitor, camera became not so smooth


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Easy enough to show us? :)


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This behavior logicaly easy but for me it's hard to show it, because it combined with my motion behavior but motion behavior is very hard. You just need "camera follow player behavior", and than you need to set up this behavior from your own motion behavior. Just add increament of camera force in "when created" and when your main actor will have idle state you need to stop this increament and start decrement in "always" when camera force will have 0 value you need to send message to "camera follow player" behavior that it can change direction of camera motion.


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It would be easier if you could upload it to forge with an attached example game because I wouldn't want to go through the trouble of working this out if its not exactly what I need yet. I'd really appreciate it, thanks :)