Could not restore game from backup... something wrong with game files!


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When I open Stencyl and click on my game, it says "Could not open game.  Could not restore from backup."  Stencyl shut down without me saving while I was working it, and ever since, it has said it can't run the game.xml.bak file when I click on the game.  Would anyone please be able to look at my files and determine what's wrong with them, and possibly fix them and send it back to me?  Attached is a zipped folder of my game.  Thank you so much!!!


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The game.xml is empty. That is one of the most important files.
I don't know how to recreate it using the files you have.

You really should be exporting your games : File > Export
And keep that .stencyl file somewhere safe.

Repeat this process every week or when you have done major updates.
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Okay, Thank you, looks like I'm going to have to start again.  But I learned a lot creating it, so it will probably go faster this time!


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I've had problems with export corrupting in the past. These days, I go into the game folder (from debug menu) and zip the games folder then move it to my backup location.