How creative have you ever gotten for/about a game?


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Tell me about the mods, the fan fictions, the events and memes you have made for the games you love. Pick the most creative, most intense one you ever did, and tell us about. Try to avoid self-promotion for your ongoing projects, but instead focus on the why and how of things you did. What drove you to do these things? How did you do them? What effect did they have? And yes, "Because I wanted a good laugh" is a perfectly valid reason, as is catharsis :D

I'll lead us off (I'm not posting a link unless someone really asks, as it has strong language, and wouldn't be appropriate for me to do it, but by you all means feel free to share yours!)

I once wrote a childrensesque book about Planetside 2, about a poor New Conglomerate Smurfman who just couldn't catch a break. Its an homage to a particular negative mentality that I'd observed in the game, viewed through my perspective and self-identity as one of the people in the game who flies Valkyries (Its not that frequently flown by regulars, treated more as a disposable taxi).

After the first couple of chapters, reading it now, I realize it quickly morphed from a tongue in cheek satire to a tongue in cheek childrensesque horror story. (Please send your awards for genre defining transformative literature to....). At the end, I finally just started directly riffing off of the movie Jaws.

So I wrote it up and put it across a few reddit threads as I added more chapters over the course of day, linking each chapter to the next. I poured over it, editing it, adding in tweaks and trying to cram it with jokes and innuendos.

And no one read it :D. Well, almost no one. But still, I felt accomplished.


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I have written a lot of D&D storylines. I cannot recall ever writing fan fictions, etc., about a video game.


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I've never personally written fan fiction about any fiction universe, but I respect the people who have the creativity and drive to do so.
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