Fog of War (Need help ASAP)


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Here I am for my very first post on this forum!

I'm working on an Open-World RPG Top-Down 2D Game and I'd really like to make a huge map so there would be 1 Scene for the Above-ground Map, 1 Scene for the Under-ground Map and 1 Scene for each building.

By "Fog of War" I mean a circle around the player in which the player can see everything in it, but can't see anything outside it. (Kinda Command and Counquer style)
[There would also be In-game items that would enlarge the circle of visibility.]

This would also be great if all the Structures outside the "View-circle" are not loaded until the player is close enough to seeing them. (For optimisation)

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.

Either like the first photo, or the second photo.


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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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You can do this with the image API -

I'm pretty new to this, could you anyhow explain how?


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