First game: Jessie's Gift


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Hey, I finished my first game, It is a short "find the key" game that I made that will take a few seconds to complete.
Check it out:

I love RPG games so it was made in that flavor. I think for my next game I will implement everything
I have learned here but it will have a battle system and an inventory system.


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I played it and won. Yay :)

I thought it was an impressive "Hello, World" game. I like all the little animation touches, like the light switch and computer monitor. Navigating the dialog system works nicely as well.

For what they're worth, a few of my suggestions:
I think the search mechanic needs a lot of tweaking. The core functionality is fine and works well, but little things felt off. 

I was lost at the beginning because (space) wasn't doing anything. I had to be standing at a precise location to get the door to trigger. The door space could be wider, too. It'd be easier to walk through it.

Once I got in the room, (x) didn't work at all after I found the key. Holding space while a dialog is up will show the (x) locations.

It'd be neat to see a battle system put in. What evil dust bunny lurks in Jessie's room? >:(


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Thank you for the feedback.

I agree with the criticism, by the end I saw the faults of the project but decided to just learn from it and let it go, lest the game would be caught within infinite revisions. I didn't plan a lot of the game out as well so the programming suffered by the time I realized I should have.

I will take the faults in this game into account when I create my next game.

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Very good job for your first game!
I second what merrak said.
I also would work a bit on timing. Delays confused me sometimes (when entering the key until the door openend).



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Well done. I agree with what's already been said. The title made me think it was going to be some sort of paranormal mystery!

The graphics are good. Would be good to see a little more eye-candy and visual interest in the rooms, (though I do realise that this was just your first game.) Good job!


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That was great! Cool atmosphere, nice graphics, I like the ideas presented. Intrigued by the battle system you want to implement.
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