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For my second game, I will create a simple turn based RPG with a light narrative. I am still at the concept level but the game will be in black and white.


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After seeing your first game, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for this project.


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I like the idea of a black-and-white game. Would be neat to see the concept explored further.


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A quick run down of the games metadata

Game resolution: 480x320 Scale to fit(fullscreen)

Tile size: 8x8, 16x16 block level (increased to 32x32)

movement: 16x16 tile(grid) based movement

Genre: RPG

Style: 8 bit Game boy

Color palette: Black,white and grades of blue. (5 color)

stay within the grid.

15x11 equiv

when importing to stencyl increase the resolution of your assets
4x to make it 32x32 tile size:
-make art at 16x16 then enlarge to 32x32.

Game structure:

Game state= cutscene

ACT 1,ACT 2, ACT 3

Part name



-Create a global number that is specific to cutscenes
and increment it during a cut scene for the different events.

Game state types:
battle cutscene

rooms: 4

mc room
Wait room(enter Colosseum or warrior lounge)


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I havent been posting lately because school started and honestly I got stuck on the grid based movement behavior.
I could have found a solution within one session but it seemed like it should have been such a simple behavior for me to create that
I lost confidence and began to toy around with it at the bottom of a pit.

I finally youtubed how to do it later on and found a game maker tutorial for it.

I found myself going back to the broken behavior I had created despite looking through the tutorial and trying again.
Admittedly it took longer than it should have to create this behavior but I hit this wall because of my lack of humility.

I finally got it working though a bit laggy, I have to work out the kinks...


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Thank, I haven't had much time to work on this lately but now I do. Hopefully, I can get a barebones version of this working soon.

Edit: I couldn't find any behaviors in the forums that did really good tile-based movement. If I can get this movement behavior to a place where it can be independent of the environment of this game then I will upload it to shared resources.